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Specialized Enduro Series Powered by Sram 2012, Germany

Original German-language news found at: http://www.mtbfreeride.tv/news/artikel/1839/specialized-enduro-series-powered-sram

Google-translated you-get-the-idea English version…

“In autumn it was announced that it will from 2012 also in the German-speaking mountain bike enduro type series. Behind the scenes, working hard and now are the first details announced.

“The rather new format of the Enduro race has established itself in recent years in countries such as Britain, Italy and France, but was previously held in this country only in individual events. Thus, it was time, also in the German-speaking countries such series organized.

“Organize, not least by the announcement of the International Cyclist Union, this format in 2013 as a World Series to try, got the idea Enduro again more attention. The biggest advantage of this format is to be addressed as a participant athletes from all facets of mountain biking.

“In the Enduro race in the last two years in Winterberg were riders in the disciplines of four cross, downhill, cross country, marathon and slopestyle at the start, among them names such as the World Cup legend Brian Lopes, multiple German champion Marcus Klausmann and long-distance specialist André Kleindienst.

“The new series is sponsored by two big names in the bicycle industry. Title donor is none other than Specialized taking certainly in this market segment has a leading role, after all, they have been around for several years for this bike designed with the appropriate name “Enduro”. In its name stands with Sram another known brand. The component manufacturer that completes the title of the series and thus shows how much potential is seen by the industry in this new format.

“Be seen sporting in the race one lap of at least 30 km on the clock. Contained therein are 5-6 stages, called stages, which lead to the most downhill. The times are added where needed for the result and neutralized all transfer stages. For the timing measurement system uses a transponder, which allows a non-contact passing at the start and finish of the individual stages. It will begin in the first stage and each start, but each rider is responsible for the rest, so it is quite possible to cover the transfer stages in a group. In contrast to the previously held in Germany Enduro race, it will be possible to trace the day before the race the track and thus become familiar with the route known.

“At the present time are the first key data set: The meeting will start on 5/6 May in Ilmenau. The Thuringian university city makes this year so closely with two top-class mountain bike events, because the German championship in downhill where it is held under the iXS German Downhill Cup. Then it’s 17-18. May at the iXS Dirt Masters in the second round. At the festival in Winterberg must not be much to say except that now define the Enduro race to the event schedule and is using more and more participants the opportunity to deliver a competitive and relaxed manner. The financial statements are added to Treuchtlingen 13-14. Extended in October. This makes the series stop in the southern area of Germany, where he found perfect conditions for an enduro race.

“Other stops are planned, but the negotiations are still ongoing and thus these data are published in the next few weeks. The first zeros and ones are already merged, so that soon under enduroseries.net is the official website go online.

There will more information as well as the rules and entry form are to be found. Conclusion: The sport of mountain biking in Germany is enriched by a series of races. The alliance between series organization (the company Race-ment), venues, the sporting director Matthias Faber and Partners Specialized and SRAM is provided for 2012, a new race format that appeals to a huge audience of mountain bike athletes.


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