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TrailAddiction and Nukeproof Alpshred 2012, France

Throughout July

Something a bit different. A new Alpine MTB enduro challenge.

“CONCEPT: For Summer 2012 trailAddiction and Nukeproof are teaming up to introduce a new concept in gravity racing! We call it ALPSHRED, it is a rally-style Alpine Enduro challenge based out of our new playground at Areches-Beaufort AKA Destination X (see feature in Singletrack Magazine Issue 70 (PDF download). The idea is that it can be entered at any point during July 2012. You rent a timing chip, follow a pre-set course using provided navigation aids and post a time. The timing beacons will be in place for the whole of July!

“THE RIDING: There will be 4-5 timed, predominantly descending Special Stages on natural backcountry singletrack trails. Between these Special Stages are Liaison Stages which are untimed and generally ascending, combining ascending by human and mechanical means.

“OPEN DAY: We are holding have an official open day get-together on Sunday 15th July at Hotel Christiania in Areches. The open day price is €25 and for this you get a timing chip for the day and a BBQ with beer in the evening after riding. Please e-mail alpshred@trailaddiction.com if you want to come along. This takes place the weekend before the Mega, so pop in for some training!!

“ENTRY: It doesn’t matter if you can’t make it to the open day, you can take part in ALPSHRED by setting times any time in July. Entry fee is €20 which includes rental of your timing chip (required) for up to two days. Entry to the challenge is made by pre-sign up e-mail to alpshred@trailaddiction.com. By registering your interest here, you reserve your timing chip for the two days and will enter into the ALPSHRED challenge league table (see below). Your timing chip will be available to be picked up from Hotel Christiania in Areches along with your map of the course from 08:00 on any morning of the week. Anyone attending a trailAddiction guided package week at Areches-Beaufort (Destination X) can enter free-of-charge.

“TIMING, LEAGUE TABLE AND PRIZE: Each rider has a maximum of 4 timed attempts at the course allowed over whole month of July. In practice it is possible to complete either 1 or 2 timed attempts per day as the course takes about half a day.Your best time will automatically be entered into the ALPSHRED 2012 league table. The person having recorded the best time by the closing date of the competition (25th July 2012) will be declared the overall winner and will receive a Nukeproof Mega All-Mountain frame as the fantastic winner’s prize.

“NEWS: Keep up to date with the latest goings-on (e.g. possible organisational changes) by LIKE-ing the ALPSHRED FACEBOOK PAGE.”

Official website: http://trailaddiction.com/alpshred.php


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