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Giant 2W Gravity Enduro 2013, February, Rotorua, New Zealand

The Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is an event for everyone from the novice to the elite athlete, young to old. It draws in the riders who seek to have fun and hone their skills on flowing downhill trails. The beauty of the event is that it can be won by anyone from weekend social recreational warrior, to solo cross-country machine, or mad downhill rider. Skills, fitness and tactics play an equal role in the execution of each ‘Race Stage’ timed run over the course of the event to decide who will be crowned Gravity Enduro champions.

The Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is one of the final events in the 10 day long Rotorua Bike Festival. The Giant 2W Gravity Enduro will start and finish under a big gantry right in the heart of Rotorua (in the middle of Eat Street adjacent to the Village Green and Lakefront). Riders will roll out in groups of five every 15 seconds. Journeying out and back via a marked off-road route around beautiful scenic trails on Rotorua’s lake edge and through the Sulphur point geothermal wonderland; riders will reach and experience the renowned Whakarewarewa Forest containing a network of arguably the best purpose built mountain bike trails in the world.

Provided with a map, inside the forest riders select their own route to complete a number of ‘Race Stage’ electronically timed runs of 10-20min duration on specific linked trails.

On what are commonly known as untimed ‘Touring Stages’, riders may cycle, push their bikes or catch shuttle bus transport to the top of hills where the Race Stage starts are located.

There will be a ‘Feed Station’ and ‘Technical Zone’ located in the heart of the forest at the bottom of two of the Race Stages for competitors to purchase great coffee from the Flying Espresso; wholesome home baking from the Mistress of Cakes; fine beautiful hot food from Deejay’s Gourmet Griller, plus get assistance with any mechanical repairs required. So be sure to take some cash with you!

But keep an eye on your watch because you have a set time to complete the Race Stages and return back to the finish in town before you begin to accumulate a time penalty.

Entry numbers are limited to 600.

Make Up A Team: Friends, family and workmates are encouraged to put together all male/female or mixed social teams of five riders to do the event together for the opportunity to rank as a group and vie for team performance prizes. All team riders individual results will be accumulated to give the teams overall result. Riders will be able to submit their teams by completing a “My Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Team” form and dropping it in the ‘Team Registration Box’ at the Race Pack Pick-up and Late Registration. Team submissions will close at 9:00am on Sunday 17th February 2013. No late submissions will be accepted. Mixed teams must have two members of the opposite sex.

Online entries close 11:59 pm Thursday 14th February 2013 or when maximum entry numbers have been reached (whichever occurs first).

Visit the official website.


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