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Report on the 2012 Specialized Enduro Series powered by SRAM

The organisers write…

“As the first season of the Specialized Enduro Series powered by SRAM has been rounded off, it’s time for the first summary. One thing is crystal clear: The next season is going to start under the unchanged sponsorship of Specialized, SRAM and iXS.

“Late in 2011, the announcement of the Enduro Series 2012 for the German speaking world not only triggered great interested but also high expectations. Back in 2011 Enduro races had already been well established in other European countries whereas the format was relatively new in Germany. As a result it was vital for the first season to find a common denominator for Enduro races.

“It had to be clearly defined what the races should be like in all the different regions. Although a straightforward definition was fixed rather quickly, the debut in Winterberg was not without complications. Riders quickly learned that they had to have more stamina compared to races such as the Enduro Challenge at the iXS Dirt Masters Festival (2010 and 2011).

“It is worth noting that the concept of Enduro races has evolved by the cooperation of participants, organizers and sponsors. Looking back, not only the atmosphere was relaxed at all venues, also the races themselves were well-balanced despite the differing terrain. Whether you take races in the Alps (e.g. in Kirchberg) or the ones in the Central German Uplands (e.g. Treuchtlingen), riders were presented with similar conditions.

“It was clear from the outset that one could not expect a totally uniform race series, but the way is paved for a longterm commitment. The preparations are in full swing and new venues will be hosts for the next season. Unfortunately, Winterberg is not an option anymore, but it played an important role in bringing the series forward.

“The last season saw 972 participants. Subtracting those who competed in more than one race, 758 different participants from 16 countries are left. Among them were internationally renowned riders such as Jerome Clementz (FRA – Cannondale), Ralf Näf (SUI – Multivan Merida Biking Team), René Wildhaber (SUI – Trek), Marco Fidalgo (POR – Team Berg Cycles) and Nicolas Lau (FRA – Cube Action Team). These figures underpin how popular the series is. For next year we expect even more riders who want to experience competitiveness in an easy-going atmosphere.

“As always feel free to go to enduroseries.net and facebook.com/enduroseries.net for more information. Here, the dates and venues for next season will be shown.”

Photos: Treuchtlingen © Thomas Dietze


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